Dogs and Humans Might Be Closer Than We Think

Photo: Borbala Ferenczy

Photo: Borbala Ferenczy

There is more and more astounding research coming in from scientists who have used positive methods to train a group of dogs to lie unrestrained in an MRI machine.

Since dogs and humans exist in a similar social environment, it seems that both species have developed similar ways of processing social information. This may be the reason that humans and dogs are able to communicate so effectively.

Dogs may process the sound of a human voice in the same way that a human would, but the research showed that the dog's left dorsal auditory region responded more strongly to vocalizations from its own species, a phenomenon also found in primates and, yes--humans.

The research suggests that our relationship with dogs did not begin with the domestication of the wolf, as is commonly believed. Evidence points to the theory that our incredible relationship with this species may have started developing as far back as 35,000 years ago, when humans were still hunting and gathering.

As more is learned about canine brain, there is surely more fascinating information to come that will help us better understand our four-legged friends.

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