Dog Sterilization Injection Released in US

Photo: NY Daily News

Photo: NY Daily News

Today, a new neutering option will be released in the United States. Zeuterin is the first-ever FDA approved injectable sterilization compound, and it could be a game-changer in the battle against dog overpopulation around the world.

When dealing with the hundreds of millions of stray dogs around the world, traditional neutering practices involve anesthesia, surgery, and sutures. Zeuterin sterilizes a male dog for life using a single injection.  Since the injection leaves the testicles intact, the hope is that for cultures who find neutering to be emasculating to the dog or people who fear putting their dog under anesthesia, there is now an additional option.

What do you think about chemical castration and would you use it on your own dogs?  Could this be what the world needs to address the pet over population problem? Do you see it eventually replacing traditional neutering methods? Let me know your thoughts.


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