Dog Detects Owner’s Cancer Before Doctors

Maureen Burns and her dog Max, who may have saved her life. Photo: Daily Mail

Maureen Burns and her dog Max, who may have saved her life. Photo: Daily Mail

The intense connection between man and dog may reach even further than we could have ever imagined possible.

Maureen Burns sensed that something was wrong with her 9-year-old Collie mix, Max. He was acting listless and sick, and Maureen was concerned that he could be dying.

The strangest of Max's behaviors was that he would touch Maureen's breast with his nose, and then back off, acting depressed and distressed. Maureen had a lump in her breast that had been previously cleared by doctors as benign, but Max's odd behavior caused Maureen to take a second look with her doctors. Sure enough, a surgical biopsy showed cancer in her breast.

Prior studies have shown that dogs are able to smell the chemicals given off by cancerous tumors, to an accuracy level of up to 88 percent specific, and 99 percent sensitive.

The change in Max's behavior after the lump was removed was noticeable and immediate, and Maureen will always be grateful to the little dog that may have just saved her life.

Watch the video below to see Maureen's story, or read more. 

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