Dad with Alzheimer’s Regains Speech in Dog’s Presence

ht_alzheimers_man_with_dog_2_sr_140425_4x3_992The family of a man with Alzheimer's was stunned when he briefly regained his speech while sitting with the family dog. Their beautiful moment together was captured on video.

Lisa Abeyta says her father, Charles Sasser, was diagnosed with the disease about five years ago, but he has started to lose his speech in the last six months.

Sasser's family has noticed that when he spends time with various family pets, he is often able to speak a word or two. At the time in which they recorded the now-viral video, they were astounded by his ability to speak clearly and to formulate complete sentences, rather than just being able to speak a word or two.

There's no telling what it is about dogs that can create miracles out of ordinary moments, but this was surely an incredible moment between man and dog. Families around the world have connected with this story, and many have shared similar accounts of pets helping people with Alzheimer's and other diseases.

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