A Family’s Beautiful Tribute to Their Dog’s Last Day


Photo: Robyn Arouty

One loving family found an incredible way to document the last day they got to spend with Dukey, their beloved Labrador Retriever.

With the help of photographer Robyn Arouty, the family created a series of photographs that highlighted the bittersweet final memories they would have with Dukey. From eating a plateful of hamburgers to one last romp in the park, Dukey's last day was filled with love, joy, and peace.

Dukey had to have a leg amputated years ago due to complications with cancer. The cancer reappeared and was causing him extreme discomfort. He had a rapidly growing tumor and his health and quality of life declined quickly. His owners had to make the heartbreaking decision that would ultimately relieve Dukey of his pain and suffering.

Despite the terrible sadness surrounding Dukey's last day, his owners were determined to make the most of their time left with him. The heartbreaking photo series documents just how beautiful and special that last day was for both Dukey and his owners.

See the series here. 


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