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2011 Hero Dog Awards
Dog Bite Prevention Event McKamey Animal Shelter Fundraiser
Petapalooza San Diego North Carolina Puppy Mill Awareness Day CO Springs Fundraiser Petzone Fundraiser "Curb - The Discussions
2009 Atlanta Bully Rally


HSUS End Dogfighting Gala 2009


2009 PCSA Conference


PA Woofstock 2009


2009 Puppy Mill Awareness Day


Mike & Juliet with the Shelton family


Bark at the Park Braves Game


Booksigning event in North Georgia


Live Tour 2009 - Morristown, NJ


Live Tour 2009 - Milwaukee, WI


Hong Kong Dog Rescue seminar

Booksigning event at Petzone


APDT Conference 2008


Crufts 2008


Seminar at Tate (GA) Elementary School


Walking With Wolves, Jan-2006
Walking With Wolves


Crufts 2007


On Location - UK Episode 411 (Toby)


Wag & Bone Show 2006


Horley Lions Club Event, July-2006
Horley Lions Club Event


101 Dalmatians Tour



Merseyside Police Seize and Kill Legally Exempt Dogs

This is Breed Specific Legislation at its worst and yet another example of innocent dogs being taken away from their owners and euthanised without due process. I support law enforcement in many ways but this kind of policing is barbaric, especially when many of the dogs seized were insured, but were on the death list because of a clerical error.