While a personal visit from Victoria is only available to those chosen to be on It’s Me or the Dog, there is now a dog training option available with a name that you know you can trust: Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT). Victoria herself is personally overseeing the recruitment of the very best positive reinforcement dog trainers in the world to join her team and bring her message of positive reinforcement to the entire dog-loving world.

Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training is a comprehensive network of highly qualified, like-minded trainers all over the world who subscribe to Victoria’s philosophy of positive reinforcement dog training. (Click here to learn why positive reinforcement is important.) With levels of training experience and dog behavior wisdom similar to Victoria’s, all VSPDT Trainers have worked with Victoria personally and share her passion for positive training and her ability to achieve unparalleled results without using force or dangerous dominance-based techniques. These hand-selected trainers will help get you and your dog back on the path towards balance and harmony using the scientifically-based methods Victoria is helping to bring back to the mainstream on It’s Me or the Dog.


“As a dog trainer who has been lucky enough to work all over the world during the past decade, I have become aware of the public’s need for a unified voice to help them as they seek qualified, humane dog training advice. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of trainers who practice questionable and dangerous methods, but until now there has been no truly global organization of professional, positive reinforcement trainers that people know they can trust with their dogs. That’s why I’m so excited to be launching the first-ever global network of like-minded, positive reinforcement dog trainers – Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training.”

Victoria Stilwell



April 16, 2014

SPRING has sprung, well, at least for most of us!  The warmer weather has melted most of the snow and for...


As the host of the hit TV show "It's Me or the Dog", Victoria has been able to share her insight and passion for positive, reward-based dog training…



The Science Says: Don’t Hit Your Dog

The term "discipline" is thrown around loosely in the dog training world. You'll find all kinds of opinions about when and how to discipline a dog, but how do you know what to believe? While you may not believe a trainer's advice not to hit your dog, it's hard to ignore the scientific research that [...]