Positively Podcast Episode 106

Victoria talks about what it's like filming It's Me or the Dog in NYC.  Also discussed: her visit to Frank Sinatra's bakery in Hoboken, her personal history as a dog walker during college, going backstage at the Lion King on Broadway to see Victoria's friend Fred Berman (Timon the meerkat) with her daughter Alex, attendance at this year's AVMA conference with AVSAB and American Humane Association, and the difference between veterinary behaviorists and trainers.  The Hot Topic in this episode is about dogs versus cats - Holly's experience with her dog Kashmir and her cat George, Victoria's review of the new movie "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore."  Other topics include the use of baby gates, the leave it command, and the use of positive reinforcement in helping dogs and cats to get along.  Victoria's Animal Academy deals with rescue animal statistics and facts, while Victoria dishes the Inside Scoop about her recent appearances on Regis and Kelly and the Today show.  The YouTube clip of the week is also discussed:  Polar Bears and Dogs Playing.

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Merseyside Police Seize and Kill Legally Exempt Dogs

This is Breed Specific Legislation at its worst and yet another example of innocent dogs being taken away from their owners and euthanised without due process. I support law enforcement in many ways but this kind of policing is barbaric, especially when many of the dogs seized were insured, but were on the death list because of a clerical error.