Positively Podcast Episode 102

In this episode, Victoria and Holly discuss Victoria's appearance at North Carolina's Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Victoria's recent Venice vacation.  The Hot Topic for this episode dealt with the issue of animal cruelty and the inadequacy of certain animal welfare laws.  Victoria quizzes Holly on the first half of her dog sense Animal Academy, and they discuss the recent special episode of It's Me or the Dog when Victoria helped PAWS Atlanta achieve a total shelter makeover.  Victoria also answered fans' questions during her popular Ask Victoria segment.  Ask Victoria topics included how to stop your dog from herding the whole family, how to train recall in a 22-year old dog who has recently gone blind, and whether Victoria will film any upcoming It's Me or the Dog episodes in the UK.  Finally, the pair continues feeding Holly's obsession with barkless Basenjis by listening to the famous YouTube clip of a Basenji singing along to the Godfather theme song.

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