Victoria on ABC News Now

logo-abcnewsVictoria was featured on ABC News Now's entertainment program What's the Buzz on Monday, January 11.  During the interview, Victoria discussed It's Me or the Dog, her career and positive reinforcementdog training.  View the clip here.

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  1. Mrs. Mary-Jane Corrigan

    January 12th, 2010 at 8:40 am

    I have watched your show and have just read the blog about the man who was sad at having used an adversion collar. My problem has become so bad that the police have been involved. My dog barks and jumps up at strangers and refuses to obey commands to stop. This behaviour was inflamed by a neighbour who is scared of any dog and screams and waves her bag and scares the child with her so that it seems to be a fun game for him to see this reaction but it has also brought the police to my door. Lucas is a yorkie and I have 3. Mary-Jane Corrigan.

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